Faith. Hope. Love.

Faith, Hope, and Love are virtues mentioned so often together in scripture that they’ve been called the “three divine sisters.” Despite the importance that this frequency suggests, do we really know what faith, hope, and love mean? How, if at all, are they related to one­ another, and how can they be differentiated? When faced with heartache and persecution how does hope give us the strength to endure? Why are we told in 1 Corinthians 13:13 that the greatest of these three virtues is love?

For those familiar with Mark Jones’ other books, my describing Faith. Hope. Love. as thoughtful, Christ-centred, as well as deeply-rooted in our reformed heritage and the writings of the Puritans, will come as no surprise. What might come as a surprise, is that unlike some of the author’s other works, I also feel comfortable describing Faith. Hope. Love. as “bite-sized.”

By breaking down this weighty topic into 57 catechism questions, along with two or three corresponding pages of discussion and application, the author has created his most assessible work yet. This devotional is a perfect compliment to one’s morning coffee, a way to redeem that fifteen minutes spent in a doctor’s waiting room, or in my case, an edifying companion during my morning commute downtown on the train.

Faith. Hope. Love. is only one of several books by our Presbytery’s own Mark Jones to be found in your church library.

Reviewed by Eric Stobbart





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