Thank you for your partnership and generosity in giving to the ministry and mission of Woodgreen Presbyterian Church. There are five ways to give:

  1. During the weekly worship service.
    Every Sunday during the worship service, there is an opportunity to give as the congregation presents its offerings. You may give by cash or a cheque made out to “Woodgreen Presbyterian Church.”
  2. Preauthorized Debit. (most convenient and cost effective method of giving.)
    Download this document, fill out the information, and give it to our treasurer (Dave Jowett) or office manager (Alex Abusow) in person at one of our services. Funds are withdrawn between the 20th and 22nd of each month.
  3. INTERAC e-Transfer.
    Transfer your funds to Give our treasurer or office manager the authorization pass code before the e-transfer.
  4. Paypal Giving Fund. You can pay by credit card using Paypal, but unlike regular Paypal there are no fees taken off the payment, and you cannot set-up repeating donations, or designate where funds should be directed (except by informing the office of your intentions directly). As well Paypal generates the tax tax receipt immediately. (Woodgreen cannot issue a replacement receipt as they are not the receipts issuer). Funds can take up to a month to reach Woodgreen. This is a practical alternative for one time donations.
  5. Paypal. You can pay by credit card using Paypal or with your Paypal account.
    Note that Paypal charges Non-Profit fees of 1.6% plus $0.30 taken off the payment.
    That means an offering of:

$100 = $98.10
$50 = $48.90
$25 = $24.30

All giving is tax-deductible. A receipt will be issued by February 28 of the new year (except for donations made via the Paypal Giving Fund as Paypal issues receipts immediately with the donation).
If you have any questions, please contact our office manager, Alex Abusow.