Woodgreen Presbyterian Church is pleased to offer a special ministry to youth. Find out more about it below:


Our ministry is focused on youth in grades 6-12.  Youth from the community or those who may not have a church are also welcome.


We’d like to stress that our ministry to our youth has many aspects, the most important being our worship services which are for all ages (including youth!). We also have Sunday school classes. Another important aspect is our Youth Group. The Youth Group meets regularly for teaching, small groups, games, and food. We also have regular activities (i.e. Gym Night, Laser Tag, etc). During the year there are retreats and occasional outreach opportunities.

When and Where?

Regular Youth Group meetings are held monthly on a Sunday evening from 5-7pm at Woodgreen Presbyterian Church. Activities and special events are held on other days and times.


We believe youth are very special to God. After all, God tells us in His Word that the children of believers are “holy.” How gracious is our God, “showing faithful love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commands” (Ex 20:6)! However, this is not only a blessing but also a call to faith and faithfulness for those covenant children, for their parents and the church. Thus we minister to our youth to nurture their faith, and we also seek to share the hope of life and salvation in Jesus Christ with those young people who have never heard.